The Benefits Of Going To A Small College In Georgia

There are hundreds of colleges all across the country, which makes it especially difficult when you are trying to decide which one to attend. I believe that a small college in Georgia would be a great choice for anyone. While this may sound strange, here several reasons that I am offering this advice.

Fewer Students

Obviously, a smaller college means that you will not have to interact with as many people. While most people like the idea of the hustle and bustle associated with college, there are others who are not so thrilled by it. If you are someone who is not extremely social and you are more focused on getting an education than mingling with countless other students, a smaller number means that you will have the opportunity to do that.

Less Expensive

It would be great to attend an Ivy League school so you can go and brag about it to your friends, but do you have any idea how much a college like that would cost? Student loan debt is real, and the last thing that you want is to get so in over your head that you are not able to climb out. Attending a school that is more modestly priced means that you may have the chance to graduate and pay your loans off before you are too old to care anymore.

The Atmosphere

Mary_Hall_at_Berry_CollegeWhile some people love the idea of being in a large city, small-town Georgia actually has plenty to offer people. The quiet and the sense of camaraderie you will have makes up for the fact that you will be going to a smaller school. This might mean that you will not have the crazy nightlife scene you always dreamed of, but you will get the chance to meet people who are genuine. That is worth more than a few dances in a sweaty room.

Better Education

At this point, you may be feeling like I am reaching with this one, but you are likely to get a better education here than at many other schools. The problem is that some schools are overcrowded and filled with so many extracurricular options that there is no way to fully focus on school. The professor/student ratio is more reasonable at a smaller school, which means that you have the opportunity to experience more personalized education. Take a look at Georgia Social Sciences Major.

A Legacy

If you have a large family and they all attended a certain school, you may have the desire to rebel against it and do your own thing. While you are probably an independent spirit who feels like continuing a legacy will stifle them, you do not want to be the one to break a tradition that has been in your family so long.

As you can tell, there are many reasons someone may want to ignore all of the available schools in the country and head to a small college in Georgia. Think about all of this information before making a final decision about what school to attend.