How to deal with the dog-beggar?


Dogs usually beg for food. This is one of the most frequent discipline problems a dog trainer NYC faces. According to them, it is an unfortunate side effect of loving and caring so much for our dogs that we please every desire they have. That is why, when our dogs start to beg for food, we are too week, and we cave in. But with a little discipline and willpower, we can correct this bad habit, both for us and for the dog. According to the best dog trainer in NYC, you just need to follow these simple tips and you will turn your begging friend into the sociable companion you have always wanted.

A begging dog does not receive food. Although you may think that this is common sense, you should know that only a few experienced people consider throwing food when they see their best friend begging at the table. That awful whining sound dogs make is efficient enough to make you cave in, and your dog knows it. How does he know it? Because if it has worked before, it will work again. Food giving is a sign of affection. Your dog has learned that if he will beg, he will receive food (love). You need to take a stand. You need to start a new habit, a correct habit. Find the willpower required to resist those wet eyes and that squeaky whine.

Ignore the begging. Begging is a behavior associated with attention-seeking. Instead of giving your dog what he demands, ignore the bad behavior and teach him that this kind of behavior will have no results. Talking, touching and direct eye contact are only nurturing this bad behavior. Try to achieve a state where no touching, no talking, and no eye contact are made during the “begging hour”.

You don’t have to feel sorry. Your dog is being regularly fed on time, so he is well fed. You should realize that he is not in danger of starving to death if you do not give food the moment he starts begging. You don’t have to feel sorry for him when he tries to catch your attention at the table. If you are worried about the quantity of food your dog receives, you can talk to a veterinarian regarding this matter.

Use discipline. Consistency is the key to success. This is applicable to your dog. If you teach your dog that the begging behavior has no results and is ineffective all the time, little by little he will give up this type of behavior. If you do not reinforce this rule, and the enforcement is inconsistent, your dog will not change. You are the pack leader, you make the rules, and he needs to know that.

Patience is the key. It is impossible to change bad habits overnight. If you follow these tips and pointers seriously, you will succeed.

But if you want the begging to stop faster and the behavior of the dog to change for the better you can take him/her to a dog trainer. One of the best trainers in NYC is Elisabeth Weiss. She uses positive reinforcement techniques to change the bad behavior dogs have. She will also advise you how to correctly interact with your dog, in order for bad habits to go away. Your dog will never feel the need to beg again and with Elisabeth Weiss’s experience it will turn into that smart and loyal companion you want.

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